Hi my name is Andrew Reid and welcome to my site. Back in 2006 i bought my first Digital SLR Camera, a Canon 400D as time moved on i started to invest my money into new lenses and a new Digital SLR Camera a Canon 40D that im using the now.

I was only 10 years old when i was handed a camera, it was a disposable camera but as i got older the interest of taking pictures faded. Until May of 1992 when i bought my first compact film camera a Yashica Minitec,then in 1995 i bought my first digital compact camera a Kodak 2Million easy share. The years moved on and and with a little bit more money in my pocket in 1997 i bought my 2nd digital compact camera a Kodak 5Million easy share. At this time of my life i had no interest in photography,but i did like taking pictures if it's for a works night out or if im on holiday to me thats what a camera was for.

Then in 2005 i bought my self an Olympus SP500 compact SLR,and it was from using this camera that i started to understand a little bit more in what i wanted in my photos,so in 2006 i made a decision to buy my first Digital SLR Camera and have never looked back. Enjoy my photos and let me know that you think